EFSA members are leading producers and importers of lifestyle products who believe that collaboration among leaders creates new market opportunities. Being open minded and willing to engage in joint promotional and marketing activities, each member benefits from the networking platform and inspiration that EFSA is providing.

Member companies are innovative, financially strong and invest in own product design and marketing. The product categories range from pottery, basketry, ceramics, glassware and candles to silk flowers, textile, small furniture, pet accessories, nursery products & seasonal decorations. Distribution channel for the collections and brands is the retail including garden centers, warehouses, furniture stores and specialized shops.



    The EFSA network is a group of companies that work closely together.
    To create added value for the association and the new member, a company has to match a certain profile in order to qualify for the EFSA membership.

    • Producer or importer of lifestyle products
    • A leader in a category or an international role
    • Headquarters based in Europe
    • International or Europe-wide distribution
    • Distribution channels mainly garden centres, DIY markets, department stores
    • Open minded and willing to engage in joint marketing activities
    • Apply an active CSR strategy


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