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For a number of years EFSA has been presenting spectacular retail showcases at the spoga+gafa in Cologne that have become visitor magnets. This year EFSA will present a novelty: The EFSA Trend Zone.

The showcase presents the official EFSA Trends Spring / Summer 2018. Visitors can experience the style, atmosphere, colours and materials in 4 different Trend Houses. The realistic complete settings will give a practical, target group-oriented inspiration to retailers and consumers.

A Trend House comes as a standard version that is adaptable and can be ‘personalized’ matching a certain atmosphere or trend theme. The stylists from Dedicated People, also in charge of the EFSA Trend Magazine, perfectly set in scene the specific scenario of each theme. Through different colouring, roofs, walls, floors and products, each Trend House looks unique.

The retailer has now the possibility to create in a highly efficient way his own ‘trend zones’ on the shop floor to address different customer groups.


The Trend Zone 2017 provides inspiration for the shop floor but also informs how retailers can improve the reach of their customers online. Download the EFSA Concept Store App now and see a ready-made example for how a retailer can provide excellent customer service online.

Download the Concept Store App:


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