The EFSA CONCEPT STORE at the upcoming spoga+gafa 2016 will be all about Relevancy.

How do we guarantee garden centres a place in the future? The answer is simple. Garden centres are not a provider of basic needs; all products are ‘luxury goods’ that people can live without. Only if you are able to offer solutions for the ‘problems’ that your customers have, you will be relevant.

On a 700 sqm space in Hall 10.1, the EFSA Concept Store showcases solutions based on the customer’s natural habitat and changing behavior. The Concept Store is divided into 3 zones: Home, Terrace & Garden. In these areas visitors can follow a guided tour and learn ways to create packages and innovative product presentations that lead to improved turnover.


The Concept Store edition 2016 provides inspiration for the shop floor but also informs how retailers can improve the reach of their customers online. Download the EFSA Concept Store App now and see a ready-made example for how a retailer can provide excellent customer service online.

Download the Concept Store App:


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